Friday, 27 April 2012

Tortellini with cream and sausages

My mom always thought that Sunday lunches had to be special because Sunday was special.
Sunday was the only day of the week where we were all home at the same time for lunch, the only day that we could actually enjoy our meal together without rushing to work or classes or weatever kept us busy from Monday thru Saturday.
Sunday was "cream" day, the day were the meal was white , didn't matter if it was pasta or veal as long as it was cooked with "panna" .
I didn't realize then that these dishes needed very little preparation, i thought that my mom was in the kitchen cooking all morning to make the special Sunday lunch that we all loved so much.
Cream is a very fast way to make food delicious while making it look nice and sofisticated.
My brother's favorite was "tortellini con panna e salsiccie", tortellini with cream and sausages and today this recipe is one of my family's favorites too.
Easy and fast to make, it is quite filling so you'll only need a nice salad to go with it..... After all, Sundays are special and you don't want to spend it working in the kitchen all day.
Go on then "cream it up".

Tortellini with cream and sausages

1 package of tortellini (700gm)
5 italian sausages
6 TBLSP olive oil
3 garlic gloves chopped
2 170ml can of thick cream
chilli flakes or pepper

Peel off the sausages casings and brake the sausage meat with your fingers.
Heat the oil in a frying pan and cook the garlic.
Add the sausage meat and cook, try to crumble it up with a woodden spoon while it cooks.
When the meat is cooked add the cream , stir,  add some salt and as soon as you see the cream boiling turn the heat off.
Cook the tortellini in salted boiling water, when ready mix them in the cream sauce.
Sprinkle with chilli flakes or pepper.
So Good!

peel the casing
brake up the sausages
cook the garlic
add the sausages
cook the sausages
Add the cream
tortellini panna e salsiccia

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